The Tricksy Side of an Archangel

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The questions:

1. Do you have any pets? Yes, a cat named Matisse. Literally the Devil’s spawn

2. Would you like a pet? Already have one. If I brought another pet I’d be skinned alive.

3. What would be your ideal pet? A panther, or another big kitty. But an owl would do fine.

4. Does your Muse have a pet? Yes:

5. Does your Muse even like animals? Yes. Gabe would own a zoo full of animals.

6. If your Muse could have a pet what would it be? A dragon. Give him a dragon and he’ll love you forever.

7. Do you believe in God? I am a Wiccan. Do the math.

8. Do you believe in Free Will? Of course. With all the responsibility it brings.

9. Do you believe in Chaos Theory? I have a memory void right now, I don’t remember what’s it about.

10. Do you believe life has any meaning? Yes. It has the meaning we want to give it.

11. If you could be an animal what would it be? A cat.

My questions:

1. One of your most awkward moment.

2. Your best dream

3. Your worst nightmare.

4. A thing you shoudn’t get angry about, but you get really mad about it when it happens.

5. Favourite Marvel character? why?

6. Kinks of any kind?

7. Favourite Disney princess so far?

8. What is your favourite season and why?

9. Suggest me a book, a song and a movie.

10. Any phobias?

11. One thing of yourself you’re proud of


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A fluffy grey kitten bounds up to his feet, mewling for attention.

Gabriel looks down. There’s a kitten mewling for attention at his feet. HE smiles and picks it up. “Hey there. You allright, little one?”

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I made a slideshow about how to create a fictional character… I got most of the information from the ‘start writing fiction’ (free) course on the OpenUniversity website and found it incredibly useful so here’s a visual version for you :)

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[text] Why didn’t you tell me sooner?




[Text] What are you referring to, brother?

Gabriel chuckled softly, more or less guessing the reason why his brother was laughing. He opened the door, guiding him inside the house. “Please, feel free to make yourself at home.” He smiled. “May I offer you anything?” He went into the kitchen, pulling out a couple of cups.

"No, thank you," Lucifer said, standing in the door awkwardly as his brother shuffled off. He wasn’t much of a fan of human food or customs. Should he take off his shoes? Offer to help? This was certainly not like any home he’d ever expect any of his family to be in. How did he even begin to make himself at home?

Gabriel brought forth two cups full of tea. “Here, relax, sit down, be yourself for once in millennia.” He gave one cup to Lucifer. “Careful, it’s hot.” He sat on the armchair, letting himself fall down slightly. “Maybe you can explain me a bit what’s all the deal of you being human? I guess you don’t really like it and it kind of bothers me. An angel, especially an archangel, doesn’t easily become a human.”

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"Alright, Gabriel. Just this once."

Dean didn’t say anything else except one. “Don’t wreck the place while we’re gone okay?” He calls to the angels before leading Sam to the Impala.

Gabriel raised up his head and smiled sheepishly at Dean. “We will be as quiet and nice as angels.” He purred. Castiel turned towards his brother, confused. “But Gabriel, we are angels.” Gabriel shook his head. “I’ll explain you about human figures of speech.” Sam waved at them, then turned to Dean. “C’mon, let’s go.”

*high fives*

… Sam? *perplexedly high fives back*

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Uj has set up a lovely little array of variations of candy eggs for Gabriel. There's a little note too. -I went on an extended adventure, but i'm gonna go lookin for midi.. but I thought I would stop buy and give you an easter present! or 20. I can't wait to show you that i can fly.. sort of. .- End note

Gabriel looks at the note, then looks at the eggs. He has been doing so many chocolate eggs for the shop, he’s quite done, but the thought is nice, so he smiles. He reads the note and his smile grows wider. He is sure Uj will fly soon.

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I`m in love with Richard`s hair and nothing`s gonna stop me from picspam.
Sorry/not sorry
just look at those cute curls
I can`t


I`m in love with Richard`s hair and nothing`s gonna stop me from picspam.

Sorry/not sorry

just look at those cute curls

I can`t

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Gabriel had to walk away. That place was full of people who were all soulmates - and he had lost all hope already, he did not even believe anymore in the clock inserted into his wrist. He let out a sigh and started walking, trying to shrug off the feeling of aloofness he felt.

And then, at a certain point, he heard the sound of an alarm clock. He glanced around, and then he suddenly had the thought of looking at the clock on his wrist.

It signed exactly 00:00:00.

No, it couldn’t be. It just couldn’t be. He tilted up his head and, looking around, the only one he saw was Dean. His heart raced. He looked again at the clock, and then back at Dean. He was so surprised all he managed to say was: “Hello?”

"Oh you know you love it" Dean said smirking.

Gabriel smirked, then whispered: “I know.”